0.3.1 - Release

Hi all,

Since I am little bit behind with updates I wanted to give  small update today (with small bug fixes). I wanted to give you bug fixes little bit sooner  so I can fix any more problems that you will find, before this big update drops.

Next update should be really soon (probably in 2 days)


  • Fixed: We have now button in graphics settings to enable or disable fullscreen
  • Fixed: Some camera settings were not working in game (Field of view, etc)
  • Fixed: Position on result screen
  • Fixed: always first car in main menu instead of last used one
  • Added: More info to race result screen
  • Added: Hide cursor when its not used
  • Added: Position in race ui (Experimental)

Comming next (0.4.0):

  • 4 new maps
  • Unlockable tire effects
  • Difficulty settings
  • New game mode (time trial)
  • And a lot more

I am also almost done with support for more languages not only English :-)


0.3.1_windows.zip 57 MB
May 06, 2019
0.3.1_linux.zip 64 MB
May 06, 2019

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Ever thought of putting coins for example, players join to buy cars in the game? or skins? I saw that it has 80 models .. some goals would be interesting, more not now, maybe more ahead .. :D

I am already working on smoke effects as reward for doing certain things. But cars should always be random. It's just different amount based on your position on the end of the race. 

I do not like idea of currency in game since I see it in every game and it's too boring. I feel like current approach is better.

really in every game has this approach, and this idea of reward is very cool :)

My goal before releasing 0.5.0 is to make this game fun for more that hour ( right now that's how long it is enjoyable for me to play this game )

cool, I'm downloading right now :)


Thank you for your support :-) I hope that you will like this small update

I was playing this moment, I liked it :D


Thats great. I hope that you will like new maps in next update. I am trying something new with these.

I'm curious now haha  :D

It will be something else that before since I wanted to try something new. For now it looks like that I could make more maps in time (I will try to aim for 8)