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Mayhem cars were created with simple goal in mind. I wanted to have racing game where I could just have fun and enjoy it regardless how good or bad I am. 


  • Car reward system - 0-5 cars rewarded per match (based on score)
  • 100+ cars as reward 
  • 20+ Tracks
  • Damageable cars
  • Multiple game modes
  • Special cars available with only cheat code


  • ws - increase, decrease speed
  • ad - turn your wheels
  • space - brake
  • mouse - menu navigation


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MayhemCars_0.7.1_Linux.zip 92 MB
MayhemCars_0.7.1_Windows.zip 85 MB
MayhemCars_0.7.1_Mac.zip 89 MB
Extra Racer Cars 1.6 kB
if you pay $1 USD or more
Extra Formule Cars 1.6 kB
if you pay $1 USD or more
Extra Monster Cars 1.6 kB
if you pay $1 USD or more
Extra Truck Cars 1.6 kB
if you pay $1 USD or more
Unlock All Default Cars 1.7 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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What are the cheat codes?

it would be too easy if I post them here.

Small hint: it is key combination that you probably use a lot.

This was ONE CRAZY game :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for checking out MayhemCars and making video about it.

PS: Your reaction to our "tank" was amazing :-)

NP and I love me some Tron so :D |

NO MULTIPLAYER. Why is it listed on the multiplayer category?


Multiplayer was removed with latest update. Main reason for that was to rework it and make it better. We are close to releasing multiplayer back.

We will remove this tag until everything is fixed.

absolutely loving the game so far, just one question will there be a First person driving view or not? just wondering.


also i understand that cheat codes are meant to be found/secret but may i ask, the codes are not the $1 bundles which provide cars off the bat ?

for 1$ you get extra cars in game no unlocked cars
for 5$ you get all default cars (no extra) unlocked

We are right now working hard on update that should be out already, but It was hard to manage time properly.

It is really hard to give any estimate on when update will be, but it will be soon.

As for cheats. Cheats are there to unlock special cars that can not be unlocked in any other way. Right now there are 2 cars that can be unlocked like this. We would like to extend this to more.

PS: Hint for cheat code: Combine some keys like you do sometimes on your PC :-)

PPS: Comment here if you want more hints, but it should be easy to figure out.


Seems it's missing an option to change windowed/fullscreen? I changed the screen resolution, which made it change to windowed mode by itself.

Can we get that added?

There will be more things fixed regarding camera. So yes we can get it fixed :-) Thank you for playing.

Just wanted to write here that this was fixed  (0.3.1) :-)


I was so excited to try this game again and I can see so many improvements and new features. I really liked how I could see behind me as it makes it quite worried about being crashed into, also it allows the driver to cut off anyone behind. I also liked to be able to choose my own laps which makes each race different. Thank you again for making a custom skin of my icon, and I liked how I raced against it at one point.

However, the laps didn't fully work as I did more laps, for example I was on lap 5/3 at one point. Also I noticed that sometimes I couldn't drive forward while slowly rolling backwards (i'm not sure if that's meant to be like that). 

Thank you for great video again. I will use your feedback again to improve game. In devlog I have added all bugs that were found out so far and I will fix them asap :-)


Even though I complained a lot about the 'unfair' AI, I actually really enjoyed this game and the randomness made the game unique and really fun to play! However, I wish it was a little easier to see what lap you're on and maybe less laps (I didn't check if you can change the amount), but other than that I really enjoyed the game, and while the controls were difficult I think that's what made the game fun and challenging.


Thank you for video.  I am really strugling with new update, but your video made helped me to go forward again.

Small notes:

- Lap amount (I will make it possible to choose)

- Loudnes (Working on it)

- Flustration (Thank you so much for this point. Your reaction to this game was spot on to what I was going for it should be just stupid and fun)

Everything that you complained about I will fix.

PS: AI will cheat if it gets stuck you spot that right. But it will also cheat if you are too good. (Its important to keep it "fair")

New version where I am trying to fix everything that you found will be coming in 2 days. If you want I can give you access one day early.

Side note: If it's ok with you and you would provide me with your icon. I would like to create special car for you. I hope that this is will be enough as thanks for your video.

It's so nice knowing that developers take on board what players say, I will definitely check out the game after the updates and then I'll review it again!

Thank you! That would be so nice, need me to send the icon somehow?

Update is already out version 0.1.0 should be a lot better (but I already found some bugs :D)  

If you can send me icon (or it can be even whole design) to put on car. If you have favorite car then I can even put it on it.

PS: If you want to have that car available only for your viewers  even that is possible.

Send me all informations to info@openfun.eu and I will do what I can :-)

The game is too loud and the controls are wonky as heck. Please turn down the music and make the road not like ice because my car is sliding everywhere and it gets stuck. Fix this please so i can play it again.

Hello thank you for feedback and playing. I had no issue with audio but I will look into it. Controls should be better in next version ( Monday release ).

Hello! I would like to see the game in Russian.

Hello. Thank you for your feedback I will add it to my TODO list :-)

Hello there! Really fun game indeed, the work you have been putting on the AIs is nice. I think that you definitely reached your goal here! Keep ip up! 

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I did not consider it, but I will read what it is about.

You should defo consider it ;)