0.3.0 - Release


  • Fixed:  random crash on collection screen
  • Fixed: bugs in multiplayer city
  • Fixed: errors on reward screen
  • Added: Small change to make collection screen more interesting
  • Added: 10 new cars
  • Added: 10 new premium cars
  • Added: 1 new track
  • Added: Count down at the beginning of the race
  • Added: audio queue at the end of the race
  • Added: Screen resolution change in game
  • Added: Toggle fullscreen with f11
  • Added: Press f10 to enable debug menu
  • Added: Press ctrl + h to show fps info and ctrl + g to edit how much info do you see
  • Experimental: Photo mode (For now its more like debug camera)
  • Experimental: New tire smoke effects (For now its only for bots)
    • I need to figure out here how will player get these


cars.0.3.0_windows.zip 56 MB
Apr 25, 2019
cars.0.3.0_linux.zip 63 MB
Apr 25, 2019
Extra Racer Cars 1 kB
Apr 25, 2019

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This game is very cool, I'm following the development, the Linux version runs very well, congratulations for the work, getting very good .. I hope to play online soon  :D

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Online map should be working there is just noone there. This game has in average 20 players per day. Only 6 of them will load multiplayer map.

This is also why I did not enabled multiplayer races (LAN play is there) since we do not have enough players right now.

But don't worry as long as there us still at least one player I will keep updating this :D

PS: Thank you for your support it means a lot to me :-)

PPS: I should be done soon with new game modes and other things that could increase play time and hopefully bring more players :-).

Obrigado pela sua atenção, acompanho o seu trabalho, e para o desenvolvimento do jogo, continuar neste ritmo, contar comigo, obrigado!


Thank you for your support :-) If everything will go well I should be able to have next update ready this Friday.

wow, very good, I will be watching for next update :)