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Become the mayhem driver

Race across procedurally generated tracks with thousands of cars to unleash total mayhem and destruction. At every corner our super AI will make you feel like they will much rather destroy you than win.


  • Local/Online Multiplayer (Self hosted servers)
  • 10 000+ cars as rewards
  • Procedurally generated race tracks
  • Damageable cars
  • Multiple game modes
  • Daily challenges
  • Customizable game (Speed, Point system, AI, Bot names, ...)
  • Rank & Level rewards
  • Customizable Cars (Premium only)
  • Custom maps
  • Challenge tracks to add more flavor


  • Race  - Speed up around track to collect more points that your opponents
  • Mayhem  - Destroy your opponents to get points before they destroy you
  • Parkour  - Increase your adrenaline rush in challenging acrobatic maps
  • Challenge - Test your speed and optimalization skils to push for world records

Public Servers

  • US region - america.openfun.eu (Random Gamemode)
  • EU region - europe.openfun.eu  (Random Gamemode)


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Android - Client - FREE - 3.1 181 MB
Windows - FREE - 4.0 160 MB
Linux - FREE - 4.0 184 MB
MacOS - FREE - 4.0 168 MB
Windows - PREMIUM - 4.0 160 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
MacOS - PREMIUM - 4.0 168 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
Linux - PREMIUM - 4.0 184 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more

Development log


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So what exactly is the difference between Premium and free versions of the game? The Itch.io page doesn't specify it

Cars that you can unlock. 1/8 of the cars is in FREE version. If you are playing free version it should take around 2-3 hours to unlock all of the cars that you can have.

the version 32 bit not working the game from 64 bit can you fix this pls

Latest version was build as multi-arch it should work now

pls can you add 32 bit version pls

For what platform? Some platforms will be really hard so there is low chance.

(1 edit)

for windows pls do you can ?

Windows should be possible. I will try to get it released this month

(1 edit)

thanksss . I hope it will be ready as soon as possible because I am very, very excited to play it

you write for 32 bit but i download file he is not working for 32 bit it's 64 bit ?

I am still working on that. It will take some time

Can the game be played Offline with AI bots?

Yes it should work in offline mode as well. Challenge tracks will not work, because they are downloaded from server, but besides that everything will work offline.

PS: If you are talking only about the prompt at the beginning asking you to enable network features then feel free to say no to that. That prompt only enables LAN (Local network) play aka if you want to play multiplayer with someone in same house.


Erm. Sorry but this game has fps lag in 640x480 with very low graphics on a 750 Ti. I don't know what's the problem but I really don't want to find out.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for reporting issue. We will look into it. Our low spec testing machine was ryzen 3 with integrated gpu. It worked well at 1920x1080 and 50% internal scale.

Maybe internal scale would help in your case as well.

You can further reduce load, if you disable rear view and radar.

To eliminate CPU overload you can reduce amount of AI opponents in game config. (MayhemCars2_Data/settings.json)

your main problem is a 750 ti

For a game that have graphics like this? At Super minimum settings? 

It can run on integrated graphics (Both AMD and Intel) so it should work on 750 Ti. I believe that it is more of a cpu botleneck. Good way how to test it might be Challenge tracks. They do not have AI oponents so CPU load is small.

Very Good Game!

Nice Job :)


Thank you. There will be new version in a few days :)

You are from the best game developers in itch.io :D

Thank you :D Maybe one day, but for now we need to just improve

This game looks like alot of fun!  If I could ask, is this an x86 or x64 game? And, if so, I would like to maybe ask to consider porting this game for Windows AARM devices as well in future updates.

It would be great to play this game on Windows ARM PCs as well :)


Thank you for playing :) Porting to arm is not that easy, but we already do have plans for that. Probably it will not be part of next update, but we will do our best.

PS: We are working on optimization for Steam Deck as well :)

That is great to know, and no worries I understand is no easy task; but I do appreciate it alot :) I'll enjoy on my Mac in the meantime while ARM ports are in the works, keep up the great work!


Great Game! Enjoyed the racing but we were terrible at the parkour.

Great video thank you for trying our game 😊

It took me some training to get into it :)


As long as you enjoyed it we are happy :)


Here is small showcase how to play our parkour mode.


Play this game is like...

Everything its fine, just keep going, you can do "it".


W O W! It's just carnage all the way through with constant explosions and cars facing the other way....I love it!! Super enjoyed playing this game and thought the art style was pretty cool too. Turns out a muscle car is better than a monster truck for wrecking, who knew?! Great work! :D Game play is below if interested :)

I think the 1.1 update broke something. I'm unable to turn my vehicle left or right, no matter what keys I configure.

What operating system do you use? controller or keyboard?

Windows 10, I tried with both keyboard and controller. It's really strange as all the other controls work fine.


A re-install seems to have fixed the issue. The really strange part was that the Controls menu was registering the keys, but once in game they just didn't work.
Thanks for replying to me at any rate =) Keep up the good work, it's a fun game!


We will try to find why it did happen and fix it. Thank you very much for reporting bugs. Sometimes they are really hard to find :-)


So first I do have to say I wish you could zoom out a little or however big your car is you can zoom out more bc whenever I used the Monster Truck I couldn't see that well so be sure to fix that and also you don't have to add a rank system on the main menu bc you can make a leaderboard that you can press on and it will show you that but over all the game is good keep up the great work :)


We will add settings for camera in next version

Thank you for playing :-)


says x to jump or fly- but mine doesnt do anything, not sure why.

other than that very well made game, love it

Great video and really good skills. (not only game play, but editing as well)

If you respond to this with your favorite car (or let us know anywhere else) you will get your your own car in our game :-)


aw thanks, i really appreciate it but i don't want to add on more burden to you, i still really appreciate it though!

I played this game on stream.

I think the controls could be a little more optimized.

(2 edits)

Thank you for your feedback. (Mainly your stream)

Controls should be better now (as of 1.1 version)


i plan on trying this game out and it looks really good, thank you for a good looking racing game


its really good for the first release


Thank you :-) We will improve it a lot in second release (we will show what will be there by the end of the week)