I wanted to play chess so I have written new chess game. This was really nice exercise.


  • 1-2 players
  • AI vs AI
  • Source code included


  • mouse only
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Casual, Chess, Minimalist, Multiplayer, Open Source, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Openfun i have a question can you run this game from the files or do you need to import them into unity or something

Warm Regards:Greysky123

Download is source code so it has to be imported to unity


Looks' neat, though oddly difficult to tell what each piece is in the shiny/glowy graphical version and less hard to recognize them if you use the other one. Piece recognition is pretty vital so this is an odd thing to overlook. I mean sure you can still click your own piece you are unsure of to see what it is (by it's movement) if you forget, but not opponent's pieces.

The AI is quite easy to beat (and mess with) if you are somewhat adept in chess as it often lets you have free pieces and doesn't always recognize mate threats, but that may be a plus as oftentimes chess games are inaccessible to many because the AI is too strong, lol! I think that's because too many others underestimate how hard chess is because they are already adept at it when they make a game and go: "This seems about right!" Then it slaughters most who try it. But some higher difficulty levels would be welcome if possible for a "play how you like/can" experience.

Some oddities I found are that sometimes it'll start playing itself even if you set one as human. You can just try it again until it does. Also on occasion it'll "take control of your pointer" in the browser version as you click on it. Which doesn't seem intended since it otherwise doesn't and still works. The game also doesn't seem to have concept of mate other than just taking the king. Which works. It's just unexpected. After a win, you may also see opponent's pieces look like they are being clicked on to move. But this is really minor as it doesn't do anything.

Thank you for nice review. This "game" is more of a experiment to see if I can write any chest game it was never intended to be proper game. I still like how it turned out, but this is on bottom of our list of things that needs to be updated.


Idk what's wrong. In the first move, I was able to play for both sides.  And then sudden;y the AI started playing the game itself. And it wasn't even playing corectly.


this game doesn't have the real chess rules but its still fun


Openfun, I'm sorry to say this but the game is very inaccurate according to the real chess rules. Point systems are messed up and you can't even win the game. This project is messed up. (-_-)


We are sorry that you did not enjoy our project.

the game is very inaccurate according to the real chess rules.
 - Yes this game is not accurate. It was more like experiment with various elements
 - It is only game and we tried different take on chess, and learned a lot in progress (also thanks to comments)

Point systems are messed up and you can't even win the game.
 - Win for us is when you capture all pieces (Even thou it is not shown as win)

This project is great example that, we should aim a lot higher and that is why it is still available.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback

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Whoever made this obviously knows very little about chess.

There are no checkmates, you are able to capture your opponent's king, you can't castle, I doubt you can en passant, and you don't even have to get out of check.  There is a point system, but it makes no sense.  You just move pieces around, and you can't even tell what's what very well.  Kind of dumb.  This is a completely inaccurate and ridiculous way to play chess.  Go to if you want to play right.

Also, what do you do once you've captured all of your opponent's pieces??? 


Hello thank you for your comment.

This "chess" game was not made according to chess rules. Main reason for that is AI. It is so stupid that I could not implement some features because it would just destroy itself.

Of course that is no excuse for what I made (with my lack of skills).

With all that in mind I have updated this game to fix as many things as possible from what you wrote down (thank you for that)

In next update I will try to rework AI so it can handle more standard chess rules.

Thank you for playing and I hope that you will like this update at least a little bit.


chill out, sorry we arent all perfect like you.  Openfun i love the design, keep going, man


Thank you. For all of us every comment means a lot so we just want to do the best what we can :-)